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Our passion for ‘Organisation Development’ knows no bounds. Forged through nearly 50 years of combined managing partner experience, we have devoted ourselves to the scientific principles of behavioural science and positive psychology. Our backgrounds are diverse across industries and each 3D partner has worked previously in large global and national corporations in Chief Executive Officer and executive level roles.

In these roles we always recognised the importance of the people side in business but noticed a deficit of expertise that could connect people, to the organisation, to the customers and to the hard numbers. In search of smarter ways of doing things we founded the research that created our unique ‘3D Humanistics System’ and the formation of 3D Business Diagnostics.

We believe;

Every single company in the world is unique;

A company is the sum of its people;

And, all people want to belong

So what does that mean for you?

Every company has its own unique set of challenges and internal DNA driving; actions, behaviours and overall organisation performance. It is the sum of your parts, your people, connected that makes a company thrive. So, to perform optimally organisations need to unlock the full potential and capacity of their people company-wide and connect the dots. This has proven to be a difficult task for every company globally.....until NOW!

3D connects the dots utilising our unique cloud based ‘3D Humanistics System’ to maximise the alignment between an organisation to its leaders, employees and customers and achieve belonging (‘unity’). We act as an independent positive change agent within an organisation to form a holistic view with systems that monitor and measure a ‘return-on-investment’.