We all in live in a 'soft' world driven by 'hard' measures....why such a mismatch?

3D is all about connecting the people with the business and its results. 3D revolutionizes the way people connect within a business to exceed the organisations financial expectations and vision. We achieve this by unlocking the potential in the people, the organisation and in the ‘numbers’ (financials) by recognizing your employees are your largest investment!

3D offers a technology solution called; '3D Humanistics' that is designed to transform the performance of an organisation by measuring the alignment of an organisation to its people and unifying teams to meet the organisation financial potential. 3D Humanistics analyses strengths and areas of growth within its people, it identifies performance solutions to implement, unifies teams to drive unparalleled performance. 3D dynamically reviews an organisations progress to generate long-term performance improvement and provide an return on investment ('ROI').

Our unique value proposition provides;

  1. A cloud based system that enables dynamic and immediate access to the results so it remains meaningful and useful to address on the spot.
  2. Clients with the first forward looking solution not the standard backward (already happened) analysis.
  3. Root cause diagnosis to pinpoint areas of growth (instead of the standard preventive analysis) giving organisations the tools to grow faster and with less expense
  4. A real ROI so that organisations can monitor and measure their progress
  5. An organisation their own unique DNA code using the same scientific principle that create human DNA so that you have visibility and hard measures around the real soft matters

Now every organisation globally can see their business in 3D!

Our Organisation Development Toolkit

3D has created and sculpted four validated methods that form our organisation development toolkit. It is combined results from this toolkit that forms each company their own unique organisational DNA code which defines its culture.

The organisation development toolkit is as follows;

img KPILift – Discover your true productivity
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img Element 5 – Build Higher Achievements for your organisation
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img iBeing – Enable workplace wellbeing for stronger Health
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img Customer Well Being – Gain advantage with a whole new customer experience
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3D has revolutionised organisational development!

Encapsulating all aspects of your organisation development into a foundation system for your people, across you entire enterprise. This means; assessment, outcomes, plans, development, feedback and Return-on-Investment are all at the fingertips of everyone in your organisation and delivered to them relative to their role and seniority. It’s exciting for all organisations and is unique to 3D, to find out more book a personal tour either in person or online simply click here and register.